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South Carolina at Georgia: Gameday Open Thread

Flounder pretty much sums most of the main points about the game. He's especially right about getting the big guys more involved. Simply put, you can't always win games when you rely utterly and completely on your outside shooting and refuse to execute your offensive scheme and move the ball around. That's what we did against UT when the chips were down, and the results were predictable.

One thing I would add is that we have to stop Dawgs swingman Terrance Woodbury. UGA is, for the most part, an offensively challenged team, but Woodbury is a serious threat when he gets hot. It's no coincidence that he scored 32 in UGA's win over Florida and 30 in their win over Kentucky at Rupp; he was hot from downtown in both games. If we can contain this guy, which basically means making sure that he doesn't get the open looks he likes, I like our chances to win this game relatively easily. If we can't, this will be a battle and maybe a loss. Luckily, I like our chances of slowing down Woodbury more than I liked our chances of slowing down Vandy and UT. UGA, simply put, just isn't the matchup nitemare for us that those teams are. That said, when guys like Woodbury get hot, sometimes it doesn't matter how you match up with a team. (As an aside, I'm really glad this guy won't be around next year when the Dawgs get a new coach in Athens.)

Needless to say, if we lose this game, we probably have to win the SECT to get to the NCAAs. Fortunately, we really are a better team than UGA. The key is going to be setting the tone, moving the ball around, and containing Woodbury. I wish I shared Flounder's optimism when he says we'll win by 13, but I think this will be closer than that. I think we'll win, though.