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Wednesday Morning Gamecocks News Link Dump


Joe Person's Practice Report. The main things to note are the lack of effort by the offensive linemen and the injury to Lemuel Jean-Pierre.


Gamecocks Fall to The Citadel. Not a good way to start the week after the promising weekend.

Other News

Calipari Hired in Lexington. Took a little longer than I thought it would, but John Calipari is now a Wildcat. Look out, SEC. Don't let columns like this one from ESPN pot-stirrer and resident dunce Pat Forde fool you. Despite Forde's attempt to raise the ghosts of Tubbys past and his vague claims about the skeletons in Calipari's closet, this was a home run hire of absolutely epic propotions for Kentucky. Calipari has won big at mid-major schools, and he'll win big within two to three years at Kentucky, with tangible improvement coming immediately.

UPDATE: Check out Seth Emerson's run down of the players Calipari may bring with him from Memphis. If Cal brings any of these guys and Pat Patterson and Jodie Meeks stay, the 'Cats will be a national contender as soon as next year.

Mike Anderson Not Going to Georgia. Anderson appears ready to stay at Mizzou for much less than UGA is offering him, although Anderson could be waiting for the call from Memphis. At any rate, it's getting more and more likely that UGA will have to take a risk on an unproven coach; that's good for us.

Cory Boyd Waived. Good luck finding a new gig to Cory.