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Tuesday News and Notes


Darrin Horn on Xavier Rumors. Horn claims he was in Cincinnati last week on personal business, not to speak to Xavier. Convenient, huh? I'll have to say that I like part of his statement, thouh:

And quite honestly, (I) was a little surprised by being a part of that speculation when it started simply because I just left a job like that to come be where I want to be, which is at a state school in the SEC, working for a terrific administration.

You know, it's worth keeping our fingers crossed about this until someone else actually takes the job, but it's also worth pointing out that Horn is basically talking down Xavier here; he's saying that they're definitely a mid-major when compared to USC. That's not the kind of neutral statement one usually hears from someone who's considering taking a job.

Other NCAA News

Injury Bug Hitting Florida. It's spring, so most of this probably won't matter when the season rolls around, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

David Huertas Returning to Puerto Rico to Pursue Pro Career. For those of you that don't know him, Huertas was a star in Ole Miss's back court this past year. His loss will hurt the Rebels, whom many were penning in as a breakout team next year.

Clemson Soccer Coach Faces Assault Charges. They have soccer at Clemson? I'm surprised they haven't already tried to deport this poor coach along with french fries and Sean Penn.