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Friday News and Notes


Empty Seats Looming at the WB? Very possible with the economy the way it is and general fan unrest over the YES plan.

Other NCAA News

Tennessee Self-Reports Lane Kiffin for Secondary Violations. Apparently that call Kiffin made to Alshon Jeffrey when he told Jeffrey he would be pumping gas the rest of his life if he came to South Carolina was in violation of NCAA rules because coaches aren't allowed to call recruits that sign with other schools after signing day. This is some funny stuff. After committing so many secondary violations during his first recruiting stint, what are the odds that everything really hits the fan within the next two or three years? I'd say they're pretty good.

Florida Tinkering with its Offense. Apparently the world is coming to an end: Tim Tebow is now lining up under center and the Gators are considering running out of I formations to take advantage of their talent at running back. I kindof wonder if Meyer is also trying to prep Tebow for the NFL.

Steve Spurrier and Sterling Sharpe to Represent Carolina in Golf Tournament. Now we know why Steve came to Columbia: to win golf championships with Sterling Sharpe.

UPDATE: Alex Tyus Tranferring from UF. With Nick Calathes already leaving, this will leave the Gators quite depleted in terms of game-time experience. There's still a lot of talent in Gainesville and there's more on the way, but I would look for Florida to continue to struggle a bit next year. If Devan Downey returns, we may have a good shot at finishing in the top half of the division.