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Saturday News and Notes


UPDATE: Leftover Hot Dog on 2009-10 Hoops. Our fellow Gamecocks bloggers at LOHD have a detailed preview up on their site. Check it out.


Gamecocks Take Down Auburn. This is a series that could really define whether this team has any postseason potential. Coming in, Auburn and USC were both stuck in the middle of the pack in the SEC, which means the series winner (especially if we can nab the sweep) will separate itself from the pack and the loser will be in the hole. We're now off to a good start after Sam Dyson threw a gem in this one.

Other NCAA News

Greg Paulus to Michigan? I'll have to admit that this story has really caught my attention. Throughout his career at Duke, Paulus was always a player I disliked. He seemed like the typical Dookie, a player whose greatest skill appeared to be his penchant for successful flopping. However, what I didn't know about Paulus was that he's a huge football talent. Out of his love for basketball, though, he chose to jeapordize his legit pro football prospects to go to Durham and play for Coach K. That's pretty cool, I think. It's also cool that he supported his coach's decision to bench him earlier this year for the good of the team. Now, he apparently has one year of eligibility to play football and is looking for a place to land a starting spot. Whether it's at Michigan or elsewhere, I hope he finds one and succeeds. Admittedly, odds are probably against him to really make an impact in a place like Ann Arbor. He's been away from the game for four years and will have to catch up fast. But I wish him luck.

Georgia Gym Dawgs Win Fifth Consecutive National Title. Now, I don't know much about gymnastics, but I do know dominance, and this has to be one of the most dominant programs ever in any sport. As Paul Westerdawg says, Bear Bryant is now the Suzanne Yoculan (UGA's gym coach) of football.