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Thursday Morning Gamecocks News Link Dump


Eric Wolford Working on Getting the Linemen Ready. I like the fact that Wolford is ready to beat these guys into shape. The talent has been here over the past couple of years, but we've failed to produce, apparently due to lack of effort and mental toughness. Hopefully Wolford can change that before the season begins.

Jasper Brinkley Losing Weight and Seeing his Stock Rise. Things are looking up for Brinkley, whose stock had ostensibly dropped over the past two years due to a knee injury in 2007 and a slow start to 2008. Sounds like he's been working hard.


Dawn Staley Nabs Top-rated Prospect. Staley managed to sign Kelsey Bone, who is the second-ranked women's prospect. Staley's first year in Columbia was a dissappointment, but if she can recruit more like this young lady, I imagine she'll be succesful.


USC Bounces Back Against Furman. Impressive 10-0 win over the Paladins.