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Monday News and Notes


Jamon Meredith Scouting Report on Phin Addict. Phin Addict is a blog dedicated to following the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are interested in drafting an early round lineman, and I got together with them to give them the scoop on Jamon Meredith, who's quickly rising up the draft charts after some promising workouts. I hope some of you can drop by Phin Addict and share any additional thoughts you have about Jamon for the curious Dolphins fans over there.

Did This Year's Draft Class Underachieve? The question Joe Person asks in this article is a tough but fair one. The amount of NFL-level talent we're putting into the draft this year is considerable, yet this is a program that's one game above .500 over the past two years. I think it makes sense to call that underachievement.

It's also worth noting that Captain Munnerlyn and Emanuel Cook, both of whom made questionable decisions to leave early, have failed to impress in workouts and are looking straight at the possibility of not being drafted. IMO, these are two guys that should have stayed another year, especially Munnerlyn. I appreciate the time they spent here, wish them luck, and hope someone takes a chance on them, but it goes to show you what can happen when you make a bad decision about leaving early.

ACC & SEC Blog's Post-Spring Practice SEC Predictions. Our pal at the ACC & SEC blog has the Gamecocks finishing third in the East, behind the Gators and Dawgs. I'd love to finish higher than that and think it's possible if we can steal the UGA game, but I'll have to admit that at this point I'll take third if it includes eight wins and victories over UT and Clemson.


Gamecocks Take Series from Auburn. This win puts us at .500 in conference, good for third in the East behind UGA and UF, and in good position to make a surge for the postseason. Next up are mid-week games against USC-Upstate and Clemson and a huge series with the Gators in Gainesville.

Other NCAA News

Wondering What to Expect from NC State This Year? Apparently, State's spring game was a pretty dull affair. Their offensive line looked bad and they couldn't run the ball, although their QBs played well and their defensive front seven looked promising. Right now, I'd say the 'Pack will be better next year but should be a team we can beat if our offense has come as far along as I think it has. State's defense will be formidable, but they just don't look like a team that's going to score a lot of points next year.

Rick Pitino Extortion Attempt? Not too sure what to make of this one. As far as I can tell, Pitino hooked up with the defendent, who decided to extort money from her famous liason in return for silence. Details are still vague, though.