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Wednesday News and Notes


Mike Morgan's Letter to the Fans. I posted this last night, but if you didn't see it, here it is again.


USC Over Upstate. A grand slam by Whit Merrifield highlighted a solid offensive outing. Clemson is up tonight. Speaking of the Tigers...

Stupid, Biased Journalism. It's not that I don't agree to a certain degree. But do you think we'd ever see an SC newspaper publish a story saying that Clemson's football dominance is surprising? It is; the Tigers have a better program than us, but not so much better than us that it makes sense that they've won 8 out of the last 10. You'd never see a newspaper acknowledge that, though, would you?


Carolina to Play in Charleston Tournament? We were supposed to play in this C of C-hosted tournament last year but had to back out due to a scheduling conflict. To make up for backing out, we ended up playing the Cougars in Charleston, a game we lost and that ended up hurting our resume.

Personally, I like the idea of playing in these early season tourneys. They net exposure during the usually low-exposure early portion of the season, especially if big-name programs take part in the tourney. That kind of exposure is something we need more of.


Spurrier on Suspended Players and other Topics. Spurrier says that Ladi Ajiboye and C. C. Whitlock have a good chance of getting back on the team before the fall if they get their grades up and the like, although he seems to think Whitlock may be more of a longshot than Ajiboye. I hope both of them get back with us for their own sakes, but as far as on-field success goes, I think Ajiboye is really key, so it's good to hear Spurrier has his hopes up about him.