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Friday News and Notes


SI Ranks Spurrier 21st Best Coach. Sounds about right to me. Spurrier would have been at the top of this list 10 years ago, and although I don't think anybody thought he would come into USC and take us straight to a BCS game, I do think people thought he would be able to at least produce something better than the seven and eight win seasons that he seems to be stuck at right now. If he can win some more games over the next few years, you might see him move up this list.

Other NCAA News

Seth Person on SEC Early Departures. From the looks of it, the SEC might be looking at another rough season due to all the early departures.

Xavier Henry to Kansas. Calipari missed out in one of his first big recruiting battles at UK.

Rivalry, Esq. on Best SEC-Big Ten Games. Check it out.