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Tuesday News and Notes

NFL Draft

New York Jets Sign Emanuel Cook; San Fransisco 49ers Sign Carlos Thomas. They all went in the seventh round or as undrafted free agents, but that makes four USC defensive backs that are headed to the NFL. Not too shabby, huh? Good luck to all of them, even E Cook. By the way, I got together with the SB Nation 49ers site to give their guys the scoop on Thomas.

Kenny KcKinley to Lineup under Center for Denver? Apparently there's something to this, as McKinley claims that Denver expressed interest in his QB abilities. I say great; in fact, I wish Spurrier had tried this a little more often. I'm sure we all remember that TD bomb he delivered to Syvelle Newton late in a game against Kentucky a few years back on a wild end-around that turned out to be a passing play. I guess Spurrier felt like it would be a big sacrifice to take him away from his receiving duties.

Mr. Irrelevant Week. Apparently Ryan Succop has quite a time ahead of him.


Lunardi 2010 Bracketology. Never too early, I guess. Lunardi has us as the fourth-to-last in. I'm assuming he believes Devan Downey will be back. Let's hope he's right.

Other Gamecocks News

Mark Silvers Wins SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year Award. Silvers sports a 3.9 GPA and apparently is a great golfer to boot. Congrats to Silvers for representing the University so well.