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Wednesday News and Notes

NFL Draft

Jasper Brinkley and Jamon Meredith Steals according to SI. I would have to agree. Brinkley saw his stock still suffered due to his injury history, but he appears to have regained pre-injury form. If he truly has gotten back to being the athlete he was in 2006 and early 2007, he's one of the best LBs in the draft. Meredith is a bit of a question mark because of inconsistent play while at USC, but he has all the physical tools to excel in the pros and his problems with fundamentals are easily correctable.


Spurrier and Sharpe Repeat as Golf Champs.


Update on Gamecocks in Draft. Neither Downey nor Archie have said they're coming back yet, but my guess at this point is that both will be back unless Downey decides to try his luck in Europe. Almost no one gives either a chance to be drafted, making it unlikely that they'll stay in.

Other NCAA News

Monte Kiffin Has Back Surgery. Apparently this is a risk when you have an octogenerian on staff. In all seriousness, I hope the guy gets better soon.