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Thursday News and Notes


SI's Latest Preseason Poll. Although they only have five in the top 25, all five SEC teams are in the top 15, although. Carolina is nowhere to be seen.

A couple of things jump out at me about this poll. One, I was as impressed as anyone by what Ole Miss did late last season, but I'll believe they're good enough to be seventh in the country when I see it. Their offense should be pretty amazing and the defense serviceable, but this is Count Giggidy (or whatever EDSBS calls him). He's bound to blow a couple of winnable games along the way, one of them hopefully in Columbia on a Thursday night.

Two, apparently SI thinks NC State deserves "just missed the cut" status while we don't. I think we're going to dispel that notion fairly quickly when the season gets underway. From what I heard about their spring game, the 'Pack are in desperate need of a serviceable offense.

What's everyone else think about this poll?

Spurrier on the E Cook and Captain Munnerlyn Situation. Good story from Dr. Saturday here. As he reports, Spurrier pretty bluntly says that Cook and Munnerlyn jumped too early because they thought they might have a shot at going higher than was reasonable. Spurrier also comments fairly plausibly on the Jamon Meredith situation. Meredith blamed the Carolina staff for his fall to the fifth round, but Spurrier, quite believably, says that he and his staff wouldn't say anything bad about players and that Meredith should shoulder more responsibility for what happened to him. Fair enough, I say.

Other News

Andrew Pinnock Waived by Broncos. His knees may be just about shot, but good luck finding a new gig to Andrew.