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Friday News and Notes


Spurrier on Garcia. Despite Garcia's improvement over spring practice, Spurrier is still hesitating to give his young QB much credit. I don't necessarily have a problem with that; although I'm pretty optimistic about Garcia's prospects, I'm also sure he still has work to do. As Spurrier points out, he's certainly not where he should be as a RS sophomore.


SEC Happenings. Big news is that Jarvis Varnado declared for the draft and that Alex Tyus is returning to Florida. The Tyus news is bad for Gamecocks fans.

Other NCAA News

Rivalry, Esq. Big 10-SEC Greatest Games. Check it out; this is a great series. I'm wondering if the 2001 Outback Bowl will make the cut. Maybe not, considering these guys seem to be focusing on Big 10 wins. A little biased, I guess, but the stories are still pretty interesting, so I'll let them have it.