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Wednesday News and Notes: Corey Robinson Commits, Jasper Signs with Vikes, Jackie Bradley Rakes 'Em In

North Carolina OL Corey Robinson has committed with the Gamecocks. Robinson wasn't yet receiving any offers, although he had garnered some interest from the North Carolina schools, including UNC. This might be cause for concern for those that pay close attention to recruiting rankings, but I would suggest withholding judgment just yet. Robinson appears to have phenomenal physical tools. He apparently had some great workouts, and may have been on the verge of becoming a hot commodity. If that's the case, we did well to get to him early. He'll have to work on his lower body strength and some technique issues (scouting reports say he has trouble playing low), but this looks to be a guy that can become a good SEC lineman. Welcome aboard.

A couple of other tidbits: