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Tuesday News and Notes: NCAA Violations, Thoughts on Spurrier, and Basketball Scheduling

A few tidbits for today:

USC athletics reports 14 secondary violations committed over the past six months. Most of these are of the run-of-the-mill, picky NCAA variety. How, as I happen to like mocking Lane Kiffin when his coaches send recruits illegal text messages, I would prefer that we not do the same. Get it together, guys!

Check out what Leftover Hot Dog has to say about Steve Spurrier.

Seth Emerson on Basketball OOC opponents in 2009-10. So far, we know we'll be playing at Wofford, hosting Baylor, hosting Richmond, and, of course, playing at Clemson. We also have a trip to the Charleston Classic. We also know that the old SC State series will not be renewed for this season. As Emerson points out here, this slate is already looking tougher than last year's, which should equal a better RPI unless we lose a bunch of these games.