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Wednesday News and Notes: Multiple UGA-nality and other News

Over at Dr. Saturday, Doug Gillet (of Hey Jenny Slater fame) has this to say on why rival fans like to speculate on when Steve Spurrier will leave Carolina:

OK, maybe that last question is mostly the curiosity of rival SEC fans who would very much like to see Spurrier depart Columbia before he has the chance to turn South Carolina into a powerhouse.

What? Did I just read an UGA fan express fear that South Carolina could become a powerhouse? I need a dose of UGA normalcy...

Well, I got it from the UGA Sports Blog. While these folks are good source for info on the 'Dawgs, they've been spewing the same inane UGA homerism, well, since the first time I read the blog. While I wouldn't disagree with Paul that we have serious questions in the secondary, I do disagree about Stephen Garcia, I definitely disagree that this will be the least talented team we've had since 1999, and I guess I should have known he would call for a blowout UGA win when we travel to Athens. If I remember correctly, this is the same guy that said Georgia would win by four TDs last year because he had decided that we had a slow defense after watching us hold NC State to 138 yards. Very perceptive.

A few other tidbits:

CC Whitlock is ready to go. This is great news; with our depth issues at secondary, we may need CC's help more and more as the season wears on. Let's just hope he's now got his head screwed on straight.

Tackle Cody Gibson signs. This is turning out to be the mother load of OL classes. At 265, Gibson will obviously have to put on quite a bit of weight to get ready for playing tackle in the SEC, but that's pretty normal. Here are some things that his high school coach had to say about him, as reported on Gamecock Anthem:

"He doesn't take any plays off. He comes out and plays hard, and that's how he practices. What you see on film, he's the same way everyday in practice."

"I think he's going to do great at South Carolina. He has a great frame that everybody is looking for. He has quick feet, and he's just going to grow. Cody is just a natural, prototypical lineman that everybody is looking for," he said. "Coach Graham thinks he has a great physical demeanor about him in the trenches, and he also likes his long arms, his build, and his quick feet. He protects well as either a right or left tackle, and I see him doing very well at South Carolina."

Gibson had offers from Maryland, Illinois, South Florida, Indiana, and East Carolina. All in all, he looks like a nice prospect, although I'll have to admit that I'd like to see us steal a recruit or two from the Floridas and UGAs of the world.

Jared Cook signs with the Titans. Congrats, Jared.

We're on Tru's hitlist at A Sea of Blue. I'd say our basketball team has made some strides when we have Kentucky fans drooling at the chance for a little payback.