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Monday News and Notes: Givens Update, Eric Norwood, AKA, Great Guy, and Marcus Lattimore Update

UNC is no longer pursuing Darrell Givens. I would imagine that the administration decided not to admit him, which is unsurprising considering that UNC has (at least supposedly) higher admissions standards for athletes than Penn State. In other words, if he couldn't get into Penn State, he probably can't get into UNC. This means that if he can get into USC, he's coming, which would be huge for us if he can contribute right away. That's a big "if" at this point, but he's got a better chance with us than with PSU or UNC.

While that truth unfortunately doesn't say much for our admissions standards, at the same time it might not be a bad thing that questionable students get chances through their athletics skills. Case in point: Eric Norwood. Based on what this story says, I'm guessing Norwood had worse grades than Givens does. Norwood, though, has become a huge success story in the classroom. He's made multiple Dean's Lists, will graduate in 3 1/2 years, and is the first member of his immediate family to finish college. I know it doesn't always happen that way, but maybe the times that do are worth the times that don't. The system does work sometimes.

Last but not least, Marcus Lattimore has us in his final five. If we can sign him, Lattimore will be the star recruit in this class. I like our chances with him; he's a lifelong Gamecock and has several friends on the roster. He has every right to parley his talents into some enjoyable visits to places like Oregon, but I think he'll stay home in the end unless things really fall apart this year.