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Clifton Geathers Situation Update

Clifton Geathers will miss the upcoming game, but if he is medically cleared to play that game, he won't miss the UGA game. Per The State, the following is the Athletics Department's official news on Geathers:

"After being reviewed, researched and studied thoroughly by the University of South Carolina administration, Clifton Geathers’ recent arrest has resulted in a modified suspension for the Gamecock junior defensive end. Geathers will serve a one-game suspension – the first game after he is medically cleared to play. Geathers has been released to the football team where he will be allowed to return to practice and resume all team activities immediately."


Media relations director Steve Fink said Geathers, who sustained a cracked orbital bone in the incident, has not yet been cleared medically. Fink said if Geathers is not cleared prior to Thursday’s game in Raleigh, this would not count as his suspended game.