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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Two


1. Florida

The Tennessee game this weekend should be a hoot.

2. Alabama

Not much changed this week for 'Bama after they pounded FIU.

3. Ole Miss

The Carolina game in two weeks is a big one for the Rebels.

4. LSU

The Tigers looked a little shaky against Vandy but still won fairly handily.

5. Georgia

Gritty win for the Bulldogs, who took everything USC could throw at them and still won.

6. Auburn

The Tigers appear to be much improved. Just think how funny it will be at the end of the year if Chizik has turned this program around and Kiffin struggles to six wins.

7. South Carolina

The Gamecocks lost to Georgia, but may have found a silver lining if Garcia continues to play like he did.

8. Arkansas

The 'Hogs took a week off to prepare for a big game against UGA.

9. Tennessee

See Auburn comments.

10. Kentucky

The 'Cats take on Louisville next week in their first significant test.

11. Vanderbilt

Played a typical Vandy game against LSU: good defense, no offense, game was close until the close.

12. Mississippi State

Might be a rough year for Dan Mullen.

So, did I get anything wrong?