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Reviewing South Carolina at N. C. State: Five Quick Questions and Answers; You Play Too

1. OK. We dominated this game. Why didn't we win by more? Why did this come down to a dropped N. C. State pass and a great play by Stephon Gilmore?

I'm really worried about our special teams. The block and good punt in the first half were great, but the field goal kicking and bad punting in the second half really hurt us. Obviously, a couple of bad offensive plays inside the 20 were problematic, as well. But if we make those field goals, this game isn't close.

2. What did you think of Stephen Garcia?

I thought  he played hesitantly at times. However, other than the interception, I thought he played smart. He's going to have to be "the man" more starting next week, but tonight I was happy with him. I should also add that he made a couple of key plays in the late drives.

3. What did you think about Russell Wilson?

I thought he looked good at times. I have no idea why O'Brien played Glennon a series. Bad choice to my mind. But that line of his. Bad. N. C. State has the skills players, but not the other parts. And their defense broke but got lucky throughout most of the game.

4. Why didn't Brian Maddox run more in the second half?

I have no idea. He should have. We had a couple of bad runs in the red zone and then dropped the run altogether until Jarvis Giles had the key run at the end. I want to hear what Spurrier has to say about this later.

5. UGA?

I'm more hopeful than I was before. I don't know why, but I am. We played well at times tonight, but it didn't show up on the scoreboard. A lot like Vandy last year, actually, but without the turnovers, which is probably what won us the game.

Bonus: Defense?

Very, very happy. Eric and Nate, rock on. Get ready for UGA, Rodney and Travian.

I'll be back tomorrow with a real analysis.