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Sunday News and Notes: What We Learned About Our Upcoming Opponents Saturday and News Out of Saturday Practice

The 'Cats' offense looked markedly improved in a beat down over woeful Miami University. Miami is probably one of the worst teams in the country, so it's hard to take too much away from this game. However, Kentucky's offense couldn't even score on teams like this last year, so you have to think they're at least a bit better this year. Next week's game against Louisville will be more revealing, although Kentucky should win that one fairly easily, as well.

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech

I watched most of this one and was thoroughly impressed with the 'Bama defense, although it's worth saying that most people expect the Virginia Tech offense to be pretty bad. The 'Bama offense wasn't spectacular against Bud Foster's vaunted Tech defense, but it did play better as the game progressed. Greg McElroy, who at one point had eight or nine straight incompletions, made some nice passes in the second half. The running game with Cornelius Ingraham and Roy Upchurch was even more impressive. The young offensive line looked OK after a shaky start. 'Bama could have very well won this one by a large margin; they looked like an elite team but allowed Tech to stay in it due to special teams gaffes, having to settle for lots of field goals, and committing dumb penalties. It's still looking like it will be tough to beat the Tide in Tuscaloosa.

Vanderbilt vs. Western Carolina

Vandy squared off against FCS cupcake Western Carolina. The Commodores looked solid in the blowout win.

Tennessee vs. Western Kentucky

Like Kentucky, the Vols pounded a terrible, terrible Western Kentucky team. Also like Kentucky, though, anything is progress for Jonathan Crompton and company. In fact, Crompton looked like a great quarterback in this game. It'll be interesting to see how good this team really is when they play Florida in a few weeks. I think they may surprise some people.

Arkansas vs. Missouri State

The Hogs played FCS cupcake Missouri State. Ryan Mallet looked very good, but hard to make much of such a mismatch.

Florida vs. Charleston Southern

Charleston Southern? Really? Florida must have averaged about 20 ypc in this game.

Clemson vs. Middle Tennessee State

The Tigers won fairly comfortably over Middle Tennessee State, but they didn't exactly run up the score like Florida and Tennessee. However, that's probably partly because Dabo seemed to call off the dogs in the second half after having to send C. J. Spiller to the locker room with a minor injury. The Tigers were impressive in the first half.

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Some interesting news came off the practice field Saturday. First of all, Devin Taylor's performance against N. C. State earned him a starting spot desptie Clifton Geathers' return. This speaks to the depth we have at defensive line right now. Obviously, I expect both will see significant playing time.

I also found some of Spurrier's statements interesting. It may not be the Tim Tebow "speech," but Spurrier appears to be promising something here:

"I’m going to start coaching my butt off until we can throw the ball around. We’ve all been coaching, but we’re going to put in overtime," Spurrier said. "We were pretty sad the other night. It was nobody’s fault but mine, so I’m going to just coach my tail off and see if we can’t get some offense around here."

Is Spurrier capable of finally coming through? There were glimpses of possibility the other night, so if he can figure out a few lingering issues, we could see some points on the board soon. Let's hope he starts next weekend against a vulnerable Georgia team.

Last but not least, I hope you guys caught that Tommy Beecher played pretty well for Liberty against West Virginia. I wish Beecher luck; he seems like a quality kid.