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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week One


A week of games is now behind us, so it's time to get the Power Poll started. Here's my ballot:

1. Florida

No surprises here.

2. Alabama

The Tide defense looks great. The offense, while it took them a little while to get started, also looks to have lots of potential.

3. Ole Miss

The Rebels looked a little rusty early on against Memphis, but they pulled it together late to run away with the victory. This team still has a bit to prove, but they played better than the teams below them.

4. LSU

The Tigers looked shaky against Washington, but they can write it off to having to travel halfway across the country.

5. Tennessee

The Vols rolled up some serious yardage in their opener. It was over a cupcake, but still. They look to be improved, and the teams below them haven't proven anything yet.

6. Georgia

If UGA doesn't figure out their offensive problems, they could be in for their worst year in Mark Richt's successful tenure.

7. South Carolina

The Gamecocks defense looked stout against a supposedly good N. C. State offense. The Gamecocks offense, on the other hand, is still a work in progress. If the offense gets it together, though, they could have a breakout year.

8. Auburn

Auburn quietly had one of the more impressive openers this week, gaining more than 500 yards against decent mid-major Louisiana Tech.

9. Arkansas

The Hogs offense looked solid in creampuff action against Missouri State.

10. Kentucky

Kentucky's offense looked much improved against cupcake Miami.

11. Vanderbilt

The Commodores looked solid in their opener.

12. Mississippi State

Dan Mullen had a good opener against cupcake Jackson State.