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Gamecock Man's Week Two SEC Picks

Florida International at Alabama

Expect this game to be strangely close until about mid-way through the second quarter, at which point 'Bama  begins to pile on touchdown after touchdown en route to a 40-50 point victory.

Mississippi State at Auburn

After watching the Bulldogs and Tigers roll up the yards last week, something tells me this one won't be another 3-2 clunker like last year. This game could be interesting, but I think that the Tigers have a clear talent edge and should be able to win relatively easily.

Troy at Florida

Troy is usually a pretty good mid-major. However, they got their clock cleaned last week against Bowling Green. This game wouldn't have been pretty in Troy's best years; now, it looks like another Charleston Southern-type game for the Gators. Florida wins by around 60.

Vanderbilt at LSU

This could be an interesting game. Obviously, LSU has the talent edge and should win big, especially in Deaf Valley. However, the Tigers struggled last week against Washington and seem to be becoming a team that is less than the sum of its parts. Vandy, on the other hand, is the team that is consummately better than the sum of its parts. I'd like to call an upset here, but I still think the Tigers will pull it out. Watch for Vandy to make it much closer than it should be, though.

UCLA at Tennessee

This game will get some attention as Lane Kiffin's first signiciant test. UCLA won comfortably against San Diego State University last week and could have won by more if they hadn't committed three turnovers. While UCLA's overall offensive production would suggest that they will hang with the Vols in this game, I suspect their propensity to turn the ball over will work in Eric Berry and the Vols' favor. This will probably be a tighter game than most SEC fans expect, but the Vols will take it.

So, did I get anything wrong? Does anyone believe the Bulldogs, Commodores, or Bruins will win this week?