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Moe Brown Gun Charge Was Dropped

We can now return to regularly scheduled programming: charges against Moe Brown for a gun-related crime in June were quickly dropped. Earlier today, The State reported that in June Brown was pulled over for speeding, the police found a gun in his car, and Brown was charged with unlawful possession. However, that report was hastily put together and didn't tell all of the story, as Steve Spurrier and Brown informed The State a little while ago:

"He’s got a permit to carry a gun. He got stopped for speeding," Spurrier said. "It wasn’t placed where it was supposed to be in the car, from what I understand."

Under S.C. law, it is illegal to carry a gun under a car seat, although it is legal to carry one in a glove compartment, console or trunk.

The charges were quickly dropped, which indicates that the issue probably wasn't a very big deal. So, whatever you may feel about whether Brown does or does not need a handgun, he's not a criminal or even accused of being one. He's a bad driver that legally owns a gun.

I'm sure this was an honest mistake by The State and Person. However, it's worth suggesting that jumping at the trigger, so to speak, to nail a sensational story can lead to sloppy journalism. That's not excusable even when you have papers to sell, as this is a kid's reputation we're talking about. Let's be more careful next time, OK?