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Marcus Lattimore Picks USC

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The wait is over : Marcus Lattimore will be a Gamecock next fall. Lattimore just announced at his church to the sounds of Sandstorm and the cheers of Gamecocks both in his church and across the nation.

Some thoughts on one of the biggest commitments we've ever gotten:

  • As you all know, Lattimore is a once-in-a-lifetime player. This is the prototypical superstar SEC runningback that can run by you, over you, catch it, block, you name it. I'm not sure exactly how long it will take for him to get on the field with our crowded stable of backs, but it won't be long. And he'll be a monster when he does. He's a good fit for Spurrier's offense and will put up big numbers before embarking on a professional career.
  • We are truly set to have a great offense now. We are stacked with talent and depth at the skills positions. The only thing remaining is for Shawn Elliott to finish the job Eric Wolford began with the offensive line. There's no reason that we shouldn't soon have a fully functional offense.
  • Getting guys like Marcus to stay in-state when powerhouse programs like Auburn, Oregon, and Penn State are after them is a key to taking the next step as a program. We have often found it difficult to do this, as the histories of players like Stephen Davis, A.J. Green, and Carlos Dunlap attest. Today we were successful in keeping history from repeating itself.
  • Those who were bemoaning the state of our recruiting class after we missed out on John Fulton and Sharrif Floyd should calm down a bit now. No, we didn't nab every big recruit we were after this year. However, we did make some nice pickups, and rumor has it that we'll get at least one more tomorrow. The staff did a good job this year, especially considering the effect the loss of Wolford could have had.

Discuss. How freakin' stoked are you about this one and what does this mean for our program?