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Boston College at South Carolina: A Quick Recap

The Gamecocks hosted Boston College on New Years Day, losing 85-70. Bruce Ellington led Carolina with 21 points, while Joe Trapani led the Golden Eagles with 23 points and his teammate Corey Raji notched a double-double.

This was another game I didn't get the chance to watch, this time due to post-Chick-fil-A Bowl traveling, so take these observations with a grain of salt:

  • Boston College is a good ACC team, so there's no major shame in losing to them. However, I would have liked to see us at least put up a good fight against them at home. Instead, the Golden Eagles largely controlled the game with their superior shooting.
  • We shot the ball poorly again. We're going to really struggle every time that's the case, because it's obvious that we don't have a Plan B when the shots aren't falling.
  • Bright spot: only 7 turnovers.
  • Sam Muldrow: 0 points, 0-6 from the field, and 1 rebound in 18 minutes. Muldrow continues his underwhelming play. Did I say "underwhelming"? Let's make that "liability." Come on, buddy. You can do better than this. We need Muldrow to play his best for this team to make any kind of push for the post-season. He's one of the only two particularly experienced players who's getting significant minutes that this team has. He needs to be a center of gravity, not the wildly inconsistent player he's been this season.
  • Brian Richardson had another off night shooting the ball, leading to Ramon Galloway getting most of the minutes at two-guard despite Richardson getting the start. Will be interesting to see who gets the most minutes at the position as the season develops.
  • Damontre Harris started again and Malik Cooke played well off the bench. I like that look.

That's a wrap. On to a tune up against South Carolina St. on Tuesday before the real fun starts against Vanderbilt Saturday.