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South Carolina Pre-National Signing Day Recruiting News

National Signing Day is upon us, folks. You can expect a lot of recruiting news over the next few days, and we'll try to provide a forum to discuss it here at Garnet and Black Attack. Here's who you need to keep your eyes on for now:

  • DE / TE Jerrell Adams committed today, as you've probably already seen.
  • Highly rated DT Phillip Dukes is announcing tomorrow morning at 11:00. Most sources are still reporting that Dukes favors the Gamecocks. The Adams news can't hurt, as the two are friends who have stated that they would like to play together. The one thing to worry about is that Dukes's coach Robert Briggs has been known to steer his players away from Carolina in the past. Even Briggs, however, has openly stated that Dukes strongly favors Carolina, so one would think that we're good here.
  • Cedrick Cooper is still up in the air. He will be deciding between us, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. Arkansas is apparently the real contender here.
  • After some deliberation, it appears that we're retaining both Mason Harris and Lorenzo Mauldin, both of whom were considering decommitting in favor of other schools. I'm frankly somewhat surprised that Mauldin is staying around, as I suspect that our coaching staff may have forewarned him that numbers are going to be tight and competition stiff. Glad to have them both, though, as they both have a lot of upside.
  • Last but not least, Jadeveon Clowney is still set to commit a couple of weeks from now. Almost all pundits still point to Carolina for him, and his coach Bobby Carroll agreed in no uncertain terms over the weekend. This saga won't be over until he puts pen to paper, but I think we're good here.

That's it for right now. It's also worth noting that it wouldn't be the end of recruiting season without a surprise of some sort. We had a couple of last-second commitments and decommitments last year, so you never know. With our numbers the way they are, though, I wouldn't imagine that we're hot and heavy on anyone other than these guys, though.