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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 1/9-1/15

This post commences the weekly results of this year's SEC Hoops Power Poll.

1. Kentucky Wildcats 103 (6 first-place votes)

2. Florida Gators 95 (2 first-place votes)

3 (t). Georgia Bulldogs 83 (1 first-place vote)

3 (t). Vanderbilt Commodores 83

5. Tennessee Volunteers 63

6. Mississippi Rebels 62

7. Arkansas Razorbacks 60

8. South Carolina Gamecocks 55

9. Alabama Crimson Tide 42

10. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 24

11. LSU Tigers 22

12. Auburn Tigers 9

See what our esteemed voters had to say after the jump.


"They have come a long way since the Paradise Jam debacle."--Alabama Basketball Blog


"Days after getting clobbered by the Big 12's UT, the Hogs rebound nicely to beat the SEC's UT and allow us to dream of an NIT bid. Be still our beating hearts."--Arkansas Expats


"There is no bigger difference in a football program and basketball program in the country right now than at Auburn."--ACC & SEC Blog


"RPI of 14 and SOS of 6.  Plus they had a pretty strong win against a good Ole Miss team.  When will they have another head scratching loss?"--Bulldog in Exile


"Other than the Tornado Tourney, that had to be the biggest win for UGA in years."--Rocky Top Talk


"The 'Cats got bitten by the 'Dawgs but they will bounce back and should make a run at SEC glory in 2011."--Leftover Hot Dog


"Hey, when do we get Auburn again?"--Bulldog in Exile


"They have to beat East teams to get marquee wins, missed a big chance on Saturday."--Rocky Top Talk

Mississippi State

"The highlight of Miss State's season thus far is Renardo Sidney's fight in the stands with a teammate/roommate."--ACC & SEC Blog

South Carolina

"The Gamecocks might be the best street-ball team in America and knocked off a better Vanderbilt team by dictating the pace of play in the 2nd half."--Vanderbilt Sports Line


"Team has multiple personalities but when they bring their 'A' game they could beat anyone.  Just which team shows up each night is the question."--Leftover Hot Dog


"Let a crucial road win slip through their fingers."--Alabama Basketball Blog