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SB Nation Blogpoll Ballot Draft: Week Seven

You know the drill: Let me know if you disagree with anything.

1. LSU Tigers
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Oklahoma Sooners
4. Wisconsin Badgers
5. Oklahoma St. Cowboys

No surprises here. Each of these teams continues to perform well.

6. Boise St. Broncos
7. Stanford Cardinal
8. Clemson Tigers
9. Arkansas Razorbacks
10. Oregon Ducks

Again, no huge surprises here. I like Arkansas a bit more than Oregon, particularly with injuries mounting for Oregon. That said, I don't know who will beat Oregon in the Pac-12.

11. West Virginia Mountaineers
12. Michigan St. Spartans
13. Nebraska Cornhuskers
14. South Carolina Gamecocks
15. Kansas St. Wildcats

These teams are all wildcards in some way or another. WVU is a team that I think could be in the top 10 by year's end. They've played well all season and gave LSU more of a game as anyone else has. Michigan St. notched a big win over Michigan and seems to be poised to make a run in the Big 10. South Carolina has some nice wins, although there's lots of uncertainty now that Marcus Lattimore is hurt. K-State is undefeated, although they need more quality wins to rise much higher than they are.

16. Texas A&M Aggies
17. Michigan Wolverines
18. Auburn Tigers
19. Virginia Tech Hokies
20. Georgia Tech Yellowjackets

I know TAMU has two losses, but they've played a brutal schedule thus far and came out on the wrong side of a couple of close games against excellent competition. They're a good team and will win a lot of games down the stretch. Mighican--don't really know what to think after yesterday, but they've still got plenty to play for. Auburn's another two-loss team that's pretty good. VT only has the one loss, but they've looked ugly getting here against typically weak competition. GT's loss to UVa yesterday was pretty ugly, but their offense could still win them some big games down the stretch.

21. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
22. Georgia Bulldogs
23. Houston Cougars
24. Arizona St. Sun Devils
25. Illinois Fighting Illini

You can take your pick with this group. Each of these teams has played some good games but also has some losses to shrug off.