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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Seven

Here's my final ballot. The only change from yesterday is that I placed Auburn ahead of us based on the head-to-head result and the injury situation. I still maintain that we would have beaten Auburn if we had started Connor Shaw, but I also think you have to knock us a bit due to the uncertainty now that Marcus Lattimore is out. At this point, Auburn seems like the surer bet. That's subject to reconsideration as the season progresses, of course.

I should note that I've seen a couple of ballots with UGA ahead of us. I call shenanigans there. UGA may win the SEC East, but if they do, it will almost certainly have more to do with their soft schedule than with any merit of their own. Anyone who watched their game against Vandy should know that they're no better than us and that they have the same problems that they've had in recent years. And, last time I checked, we did come out of their house with a win.

1. LSU Tigers
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Arkansas Razorbacks
4. Auburn Tigers
5. South Carolina Gamecocks
6. Georgia Bulldogs
7. Florida Gators
8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs
9. Tennessee Volunteers
10. Vanderbilt Commodores
11. Mississippi Rebels
12. Kentucky Wildcats