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SB Nation Blogpoll Ballot: Week Five

My ballot is below. I'm not posting a draft this week. I had intended to yesterday, but I was having trouble with my internet connection and was unable to. I'm sticking with my draft from yesterday for my SEC Power Poll ballot.

A few quick notes on my blogpoll ballot: (1) I'm not ranking USC. We don't deserve it. If we get the offense turned around and win the next two games, then I'll put us back in. (2) Now I don't look so stupid for putting Clemson so high last weekend, huh? The Tigers are good, people. And yes, it pains me to write that. A lot. (3) I had been holding Texas out of the rankings because they hadn't yet beaten anyone of note. I'm jumping them up pretty high now that they've gone on the road and taken care of business against a decent Iowa St. team. I'm still a bit skeptical, but the Big 12/10/whatever it is struggling a bit right now, you have to think they're going to have the chance to grow into their talent over the course of the season. (4) I'm giving Florida St. some love, too. Can't fault them too much for losing to two legitimate national-championship contenders. (5) I had meant to include Stanford at number six but left them off the ballot by accident. I didn't intend to include VA Tech. I guess I'm still suffering mental blight after watching such bad football on Saturday. (Update: Stanford issue fixed.)