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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Nine

Here's my final ballot. As you'll see, I did place Ark. above USC. As underwhelming as Ark. has been lately, they have a couple of things going for them: 1., they beat Auburn, a common opponent USC lost to, and 2., their only loss is to Alabama, meaning they've only lost to a really, really good team. I also swapped Auburn and Georgia after realizing I had Georgia higher in the SBN blogpoll and that I do, in fact, think UGA is better.

1. LSU Tigers
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Arkansas Razorbacks
4. South Carolina Gamecocks
5. Georgia Bulldogs
6. Auburn Tigers
7. Florida Gators
8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs
9. Vanderbilt Commodores
10. Tennessee Volunteers
11. Mississippi Rebels
12. Kentucky Wildcats