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SEC Power Poll Draft Ballot: Week Ten

Let me know if you disagree with anything.

1. LSU Tigers

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

3. Arkansas Razorbacks

4. South Carolina Gamecocks

5. Georgia Bulldogs

UGA and USC have the same records and we beat UGA head-to-head. I'll put UGA ahead of us if we lose to Florida next week. Until then, USC stays on top.

6. Auburn Tigers

7. Florida Gators

8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

9. Vanderbilt Commodores

Really have to feel bad for these guys, who have come up just short on big upsets in three straight SEC contests.

10. Tennessee Volunteers

24-0 against Middle Tennessee State was a little underwhelming, but Justin Worley played well.

11. Kentucky Wildcats

12. Mississippi Rebels