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Oklahoma St. Deserves a Shot at the National Title

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I'm against a rematch in the national title game. I've stated many times that I believe that voters should vote against their instinct that Alabama is the second-best team in the country because interconference bowl matchups are necessary to sort out the rankings.

After tonight, they may not need to vote against their instincts. Oklahoma St. just wrapped up an utterly dominating 44-10 shellacking of rival Oklahoma, a team, by the way, that was ranked 10th in the country coming into this game. The Cowboys controlled the game in every phase and could have very well won 57-3 if they hadn't called off the dogs and allowed a garbage-time TD. Particularly impressive was that their maligned defense shut down a potent Oklahoma offense. Needless to say, it was a very impressive showing that should give the voters something to consider.

Voters should also consider that OSU has a better resume than Alabama. A lot has been made of the fact that Alabama's only loss came to top-ranked LSU in overtime, whereas OSU's loss came in overtime to a mediocre Iowa St. However, it should be remembered that OSU was dealing with tragedy within its athletic program the week of its loss. It should also be remembered that OSU has more quality wins than Alabama. Alabama only beat two teams that will likely finish the season ranked: Penn St. and Arkansas. OSU, on the other hand, beat three teams that will definitely finish ranked (Oklahoma, Kansas St., and Baylor), while it beat another, Texas, that will have a chance to finish ranked if it wins its bowl game. That should count for something with the voters, too.

If voters don't buy OSU's resume (and there are valid arguments for Alabama), they should return to my original arguments. We need to matchup conference champions in the BCS Title Game in order to weed out any perceived bias that the intraconference play has worked into the voting. A lot of the arguments regarding Alabama's worthiness have depended on the idea that Alabama is clearly the second-best team. After tonight, if anything, it's no longer so obvious. OSU deserves a chance to prove the Big 12's mettle against the best of the SEC, LSU.