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South Carolina Football: Who Will Carolina Hire to Replace Jay Graham?

As you know, Jay Graham has been hired by Tennessee; therefore, we're in need of a new RB's coach. Here are a few guys I think we should consider. Please note that I have no idea if we're in touch with any of them; I just think they seem like good prospects who we might be able to woo if we put up the money.

John Settle. App St. grad who is the RB coach for the Carolina Panthers. Before joining Carolina, he coached for several years at Wisconsin, where he routinely produced one of the nation's best running attacks in a conference known for great rushers and stout defensive lines. Unfortunately, it will likely be difficult to woo him from the NFL without offering him lots of money and / or a more prestigious position than runningbacks coach. This would be a home-run hire if we were to make it, though.

Billy Napier. Napier, as you know, is the former Clemson OC. He's currently on staff in a minor capacity at Alabama. Although young, Napier has a fair bit of experience coaching various offensive positions. He's also known for being a dynamite recruiter. And perhaps most intriguingly, he might like an opportunity to exact a bit of revenge for being Dabo's fall guy last year. There's reportedly no love lost between those two. Might be a good hire, particularly for his recruiting clout. Not sure how well he works with runningbacks, though, which is obviously a concern. There also may be animosity between he and the Carolina staff. Negative recruiting was reportedly his MO while recruiting for Clemson.

Larry Porter. Recently fired head coach at Memphis, Porter was a star RB at the school during his playing days. Before going to Memphis, he was an assistant under Les Miles at LSU, where he was Assistant Head Coach after being runningbacks coach. At LSU, he was known for being a masterful recruiter, although it's worth remembering that recruiting at LSU isn't exactly a hard sell. Not sure if he couldn't do better than being a position coach, but he'd be a very good hire if we can get him. Maybe the best of the guys who are realistic options.

DeAndre Smith. Not sure if he has any interest in moving south, but Smith is the RB coach at Illinois, and there's a fair chance he'll be looking for a job soon depending on what happens with the coaching situation there. Obviously, Illinois has had its problems over the last few years, but good rushing attacks usually wasn't one of them. Smith also had some success at Northern Illinois, where he developed guys like Garrett Wolfe. He's a nice option.

Everette Sands. N.C. State and former Citadel RB coach. Has good state ties and has had some success recruiting and developing backs under Tom O'Brien. Seems like a good option.

So, who would you like to see join the staff?