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The Daily Feed // 2.14.11


Is Clowney Making a Villain of Himself? | The Post and Courier
You know, I really like Travis Haney. I do. But this is getting a little ridiculous. Yes, it is possible that Clowney is enjoying being the #1 recruit in the nation. And yes, it is possible that he is not being entirely truthful when he says he's tired of it all. And yes, maybe he isn't as humble as he's being portrayed.

But when was the last time you saw a story on a recruit that said he wasn't humble? Or said anything negative about him, for that matter. If Clowney waits an extra week after he's made his decision, big deal. So what? He's allowed to issue conflicting reports because that's what teenagers do. They're not polished public relations experts. Clowney's behavior has so far pretty much been par for the course when it comes to a top recruit. Chill out.

No. 1 recruit Clowney faces big decision | ESPN
ESPN compares some statistics of interest to someone in Jedaveon Clowney's position. A breakdown of South Carolina, Clemson, and Alabama defensive end stats.

Will Jadeveon Clowney Even Qualify Or Will He Have To Attend Prep School? | Saturday Down South
I'm with whoever said in the comments a while back that the admissions office must have looked into this already. Not too concerned about it. But, what if he does have to go to prep school? Will his recruitment last another whole year?

Jadeveon Clowney Will Be a Gamecock And Here Is Why | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD is feeling cocky.


Gamecocks Rally Past Mississippi State 60-53 | Gamecocks Online
Lady Gamecocks, will you be my valentine? (Thank you.)

South Carolina turned the game around in the final 11 minutes to post a 60-53 win over Mississippi State in SEC women's basketball action at Humphrey Coliseum. The Gamecocks (15-10, 7-5 SEC) turned an eight-point deficit into the seven-point victory in the last 11 minutes as the defense cranked up the pressure and the offense began clicking a little more smoothly, leading to 55.2 percent shooting in the second half. Markeshia Grant was provided spark on both sides of the ball, and Ieasia Walker led the offense with 16 points.



Gamecocks Baseball: Third Place Finish in SEC Predicted | Leftover Hot Dog
Vanderbilt does have some incredible pitching. I'm pretty surprised they didn't make it further last year. Such is baseball.

Four More Gamecock Baseball Games to Be Televised | Beach Carolina Magazine
Good news, as I suspect tickets will be a bit hard to come by this season.

Fans snap up USC season tickets | American Chronicle
Case in point.

USC has sold a record number of season tickets for 2011 before the Feb. 18 season opener against Santa Clara and is closing in on 5,000 -- a goal set by coach Ray Tanner.



Gamecocks Drop 3-2 Contest to USC Upstate in Palmetto State Showdown Finale | Gamecocks Online
See, this is what I'm talking about. How bad of shape was our softball program in when Coach Beverly Smith took over that we lost to USC Upstate. We should never lose to USC Upstate. Ever. In any sport. There's no excuse.



South Carolina Rally Falls Short Against Georgia, 60-56 | Gamecocks Online
I wasn't able to watch this game. But I do know that we only scored 9 points at the halfway point. I don't care that we almost came back. Darrin Horn, get it together.

Congratulations to Sam Muldrow, New Career Blocks Record Holder | Spurs Up
At least something good came out of Saturday's game.