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South Carolina at LSU: A Quick Recap

The Gamecocks have just put the finishing touches on a victory over the LSU Tigers, winning 64-56. Bruce Ellington led Carolina with 20 points while Malik Cooke added 12. Andre Stringer led the Tigers with 19.

LSU is a struggling, undermanned basketball team, so it's hard to get too excited about this win. That said, after the disaster on Saturday, it was important to see Carolina bounce back. It would have been easy for our team to let that loss dominate their thoughts, especially in a hostile road environment playing against a team that was undoubtedly hungry for anything that could get its sinking season on the right track. That didn't happen, and that's good news for Carolina. A win in the upcoming matchup with the Vanderbilt Commodores, though, is what this team needs if it wants to get back into play for an NCAAs bid.

A few other quick thoughts:

  • We shot the ball fairly well in this game, and that's perhaps the biggest difference between this performance and the last two. This team lives and dies by the jump shot, and when it's not falling, we're not winning. While we didn't shoot lights-out, we got some shots to fall tonight, and that was enough to upend a stagnant LSU offense.
  • While our reliance on jumps shots didn't depart too much from our typical, fallible game plan, I'd be doing Darrin Horn and our team a disservice if I didn't recognize that we did do a little bit better job of working the ball around the basket and making foul shots than usual tonight. We also played some nice defense at times, enjoying 14 LSU TOs.
  • Lakeem Jackson didn't make a lot of noise scoring in his return from injury, but he made his presence felt. His defense and rebounding were sorely missed against Auburn.

Next up is Memorial Magic in Nashville. Get ready. It would be just like this team to go out and win this game.