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The Daily Feed // 2.3.11

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2011 National Signing Day | Gamecocks Online
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 football recruiting class! You can also check out Spurrier's press conference from Tuesday. The money quote comes at the 12:55 mark.

"I was watching the recruiting show... It was also interesting that two of the guys working in television today, Randy Shannon had the number one recruiting class in 2008 and Urban Meyer had the number one class last year. And both of those guys are working in television. Now Urban left because of health reasons or stress or what have you... but the other guy got fired!"

Oh, Spurrier. Never leave us.

5 Questions for National Signing Day | Spur of the Moment
Answers: #1 - DT Deon Green

#2 - Nope. Unless you count Damiere Bryd (See below).

#3 - Yes. See above.

#4 - Cedrick Cooper is a Gamecock.

#5 - Valentine's Day, son. Where have you been, under a rock?

Spurrier pleased with recruiting class, still waiting on Clowney | The Post and Courier
Haney spits out a good piece on the overall quality of USC's 2011 recruiting class. Everything seems to be in order, even with the possible over-signing situation. He quotes Beamer as saying that the Gamecocks have been upfront with all of their recruits form the beginning, which I expect from Spurrier and company. Haney had this to say about the two players that USC will likely ask to wait to sign their letters of intent:

But Mauldin and Montgomery each have their own academic issues, a source said. Additionally, Montgomery has a knee injury that needs an MRI exam. The players were told all along that in-state players would be treated preferentially, so as to maintain good relationships with those schools.

Which is about as good as you can ask for in this topsy turvey recruiting environment. One other note, Damiere Byrd apparently has not yet submitted his paperwork because he's leaving for Japan on Wednesday. Don't worry though, he's still expected to sign with USC.

2011 Team Recruiting Rankings |
Rivals currently has us at #20.

2011 Football Recruiting Rankings |
Scout currently has us at #13.


Gamecocks Top LSU on the Road, 64-56 | Gamecocks Online
Now we sit at 4-3 with a long way to go in order to reach a .500 record for the season in league play. A contest with Vanderbilt this weekend begins a brutal stretch of our schedule.

Rejected!! Sam Muldrow Leads Trio of Shot Blockers for Gamecocks | Spurs Up
Sam Muldrow cannot abide "weak tot action."



First Day of Practice for Defending National Champions | Gamecocks Online
I think we might have missed this a while back, but here's a good read to get you back into the baseball spirit. In case you've forgotten, we are defending NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

Matt Price Named To NCBWA Preseason Stopper Of The Year Watch List | Gamecocks Online

South Carolina sophomore right-handed pitcher Matt Price has been named to the initial watch list for the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Stopper of the Year Award. Last season, Price went 5-1 out of the bullpen with a 2.26 ERA as well as 10 saves. He struck out 83 batters in 55.2 innings, finishing with an average of 13.41 strikeouts per nine innings, a school record at Carolina.

Nolan Belcher To Miss 2011 Season With Elbow Injury | Gamecocks Online
This is really too bad. Belcher was a role player who didn't see too much action last season after starting a significant number of games for us in his freshman campaign. This year he could have been a sold weekday starter and maybe even figured into the weekend rotation, but I guess he'll have to wait until next year.

Thomason Working Toward Clearance | Gamecock
A little more depth in the bullpen is never a bad thing. Let's hope that Drake Thomason stays on track for his recovery.



An Appreciation: Spencer Lanning (South Carolina) | Team Speed Kills
No doubt, all South Carolina fans appreciate Spencer Lanning.

NCAA to Smack Tennessee, Lane Kiffin | NCAAFB FanHouse
Lane Kiffin being charged with recruiting violations? That is sooo 2010. The real news here is former Gamecock coach and Benedict Arnold, David Reaves, is also being charged for

"improper contact with recruits as well as providing written and oral instruction to the Vol hostesses about which top recruits to contact, how to contact them, and [asking] for updates on those conversations, which occurred either via Facebook, text message or phone call."

And for anyone who has ever asked themselves where David Reaves is now, the answer is New Mexico. So maybe there is justice in the world after all. (H/T: Team Speed Kills)



South Carolina swimmers had case similar to Iowa football |
Whaaaa? This week's "Better Know an Obscure Disease": rhabdomyolysis.

4-time diving state champ Kranz signs with South Carolina | South Florida
Even divers are holding staged press conferences in their high school gymnasiums now. You know what? I'm starting to think this recruiting stuff is getting out of hand.