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The Daily Feed // 2.4.11


National Signing Day 2011: SEC Cleans Up As Usual - Team Speed Kills
If you're into recruiting rankings, this probably won't make you happy. Not only are we in the bottom half of the SEC, but when you throw in Clemson we're nearly below half of our opponents for 2011. Then again, we beat all five of those teams in 2010.

Six Gamecocks Invited to NFL Combine - Gamecocks Online
Say goodbye to Ladi Ajiboye, Garrett Chisolm, Chris Culliver, Tori Gurley, Jarriel King, and Cliff Matthews. A special farewell goes out to Mr. Matthews.We'll miss you, big guy.

Weslye Saunders Ineligible for NFL Draft - Team Speed Kills
Wow, this has to be the worst possible scenario for Weslye. I haven't seen things go this badly for a college football player since Maurice Clarett. Remember that guy? Convenience stores in the Carolinas, you're on notice.



Brady Thomas Granted Additional Season Of Competition By NCAA - Gamecocks Online
I did NOT see this coming. This is great news since catcher was a huge question mark for the 2011 season. Congratulations to Brady Thomas, who you will remember began his college career at FSU.



Gamecock Quick Sprints - Week 3 - Gamecocks Online
Gamecock Quick Sprints... why does that sounds so familiar?