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Post-National Signing Day South Carolina Recruiting Roundup: WRs

This post continues a look at this year's recruiting cycle. Today we look at WRs.

K.J. Brent, WR. Brent is another tall, sure-handed receiver in the mold of D.L. Moore. Like Moore, he'll likely need a year or two to put on some muscle before he's ready to contribute, but he looks like a guy who could be a valuable player down the road. Expect a redshirt.

Damiere Byrd, WR/KR. Byrd was one of the major pick-ups of this class. He is widely considered one of the fastest prospects in the country, and unlike the other track star we'll have on our roster (Bryce Sherman), Byrd reportedly has amazing hands and great moves. The knock on him is that he's currently much smaller than most college receivers and will need to bulk up a little bit. Expect him to see the field early next season. He may end up being most valuable to us as a kick returner; the scouts believe he has the look of an elite returner, which is something we've lacked for a long time. He could also challenge Ace Sanders for a spot in our WR rotation, although I foresee Ace holding down that spot for the time being.

Can't wait to see this kid field a punt.

Shamier Jeffery, WR. Shamier isn't as highly regarded a prospect as his brother Alshon, but he's a guy who many think is underrated and who can become a game-changing player in his own right. He reportedly has strong ball skills, and while he doesn't quite have the body that Alshon came in with, he's not a little guy, either. I wouldn't be surprised to see him see a little playing time next year. He also played some QB in high school, so he may be a good candidate for a wildcat package, since it seems that Steve Spurrier is only interested in running the wildcat with Stephon Gilmore when Marcus Lattimore gets hurt.

WRs Grade: A-. I like this group of players a lot. While no one stands out as a sure-fire bluechip prospect, we didn't need that with Alshon, Moore, and Sanders all returning. What we got here were players who can help us in ways additional to simply being good WRs. Byrd is hopefully the KR we've been looking for for so long and should provide a good speedster in our spread packages, while Jeffery provides depth and a possible wildcat QB. With this group, it's not about how many stars the guys have; it's about filling needs. We did that here.