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The Daily(?) Feed // 3.2.11


SEC Coaches Defend 'Oversigning' |
Gamecock man already wrote a fairly lengthy piece on this article yesterday, but I'd like to add my two cents. Am I the only one that doesn't really see what the big deal is? Unless I'm mistaken, USC doesn't make a habit of over-signing kids every year. As Gamecock Man astutely pointed out in the comments section of his piece, we were abnormally efficient in last year's recruiting cycle - almost to an unheard of level.

But what I really want to say is this: what's the big deal with over-signing one or two kids every recruiting cycle? While Texas_Dawg is busy casting aspirations and getting lost in the details, I'm more concerned with the big picture. So let's say that your name is Forenzo Fauldin, and you are a recruit in Feorgia. Let's say you've developed into a 3-star recruit and your grades suck. Your grades suck so much that the hometown university, UFA, won't even offer you. So when neighboring big-time football university, University of South Farolina, offers you, you jump at the chance. Then national signing day rolls around and USF informs you that you need to grey-shirt. Ummm... so what? Forenzo Fauldin's only other interest from a major program was Fouisville, a school significantly further away than USF. Instead of enrolling in the fall, Forenzo now has to wait a year before he enrolls. And in the mean time he'll get setup with a sweet gig at Fargrave Military Academy or Feorgia Military College. And you know what? If you've neglected your academics to the point where you can't maintain a 2.0 GPA and score at least a 900 on the SAT, an interim prep college is probably a good idea to adjust you to the college life.

As long as these underlying assumptions remain true (which they are for South Carolina at the moment) 1) Over-signing is relatively rare, 2) the kids who are grey-shirted are done so for academic reasons, and 3) the school honors of pledge of a scholarship the next year (assuming the kid does his part in the classroom) I don't see the big deal. So the kid delay's his enrollment for a year. So what?

It's far better than this scenario: USF holds a spot open for a recruit who decides to attend another University. On National Signing Day that scholarship goes unfilled. Instead, it's given to a walk-on who can already afford to go to college on his own. A nice sentiment, sure, but definitely not the most efficient use of a resource that could be helping underprivileged kids get a college education. If USF wastes that scholarship, somewhere down the line a kid that could have gotten a free college education out of football gets denied the opportunity. Now you tell me which option is more unethical.

Focus on recruiting highly rated in-state prospects pays off handsomely for USC | The Post and Courier
Perhaps I can interest you in a positive story relating to the Gamecocks and recruiting? Well, Travis Haney obliges your interest in this piece. And then there's this:

"Five or six years ago," USC athletic director Eric Hyman said last week on a Columbia radio station, "you could not have imagined South Carolina signing the top-ranked player in the country."

That may not be what you want to hear, but it's true. And it speaks volumes about the progress being made in our football program.

Morris: Over-signing in college football needs to be addressed |
I'm going to give you a synopsis of this article without even reading it. If I'm wrong, let me know in the comments section and I'll check it out.

Ron Morris rails against the practice of over-signing while displaying a child-like understanding of the issue. He over-simplifies a solution which is neither fully-fleshed nor reasoned through. He takes a few swipes at the Gamecocks and then calls it a day by summing up the entire article in one sentence which, I might add, is way too broad for the scope of his piece.



Gamecocks Fall in OT to Vanderbilt | Gamecocks Online
The Lady Gamecocks had a chance to win it, but sometimes that's the way things go. Still, they finished 8-8 in league play and 16-13 on the season. That's an improvement over last year's 7-9 league mark and pretty good considering their early struggles. Imagine what this team would be doing if Kelsey Bone had stayed on. By the way, if anyone out there in the interwebs has Kelsey Bone's contact information, please let me know. I would still like to ask her some questions surrounding the circumstances around her departure from USC.

South Carolina Grabs No. 5 Seed at SEC Tournament | Gamecocks Online
Good news for the women. We'd all really like to seem them make some noise in the SEC tournament and maybe nab a spot in the NCAA. No better way to do that than starting off against bottom-feeder Ole Miss.

Walker Named Second-Team All-SEC | Gamecocks Online
Good for her and Coach Staley.

South Carolina sophomore guard Ieasia Walker earned a spot on the All-SEC Second Team, the league announced today. In a vote by the league's coaches, the Gamecocks' leading scorer was named among the top 16 players in the conference this season.



Gamecocks Earn 14-1 Victory Over Furman | Gamecocks Online
The longest win-streak in the nation continues.

South Carolina batted around to score nine runs in the bottom of the sixth inning and junior left-hander Steven Neff struck out a career-high seven batters in four innings of work to earn his first win of the year as South Carolina defeated Furman 14-1 on Tuesday night in non-conference action at Carolina Stadium.

Gamecocks Baseball Field Report: Southern Illinois Edition | Leftover Hot Dog
We haven't been able to kick off our baseball coverage here at GABA like we've wanted, but you know what? Our buddies at LOHD do a bang up job covering the sport. The Gamecocks swept the series versus SIU last weekend. General Malaise gives us some insight into our bullpen situation.

There are still some concerns from the bullpen, but there is also plenty to be excited about. Price is doing what Price does; John Taylor is playing very well, and Forrest Koumas looks to make significant contributions out of the bullpen as a freshman.

Kratch: It all begins to fall into place for Mooney | The Daily Gamecock
You know who else does a good job of covering Carolina baseball? My boy James Kratch.

Coming off Tommy John surgery, Adam Westmoreland makes his return | The Post and Courier
Good kid who's likely to be a key cog in the rotation in the future.



LaKya Brookins wins 2011 SEC Championship 60-m Dash | YouTube
Take 22 seconds out of your day and watch LaKya Brookins win USC another championship. Baller. Well done, madam. (H/T: Spurs Up)



South Carolina Gamecocks Football - Perennial Power in SEC? | Saturday Down South
This one's a little old, but if you missed it, it's worth checking out.

Top 20 Players Of 2011 – Pre Season Edition – No. 18 | Saturday Down South
SDS tabs Stephon Gilmore as the 18th best player in the SEC. Ummmm, did you watch the Gamecocks play last season?



Gamecocks Mourn the Passing of Charles Crews | Gamecocks Online

The South Carolina Athletics Department mourns the passing of Dr. Charles F. Crews, longtime supporter of the program. The football facility at the south end of the stadium which houses the football weight room and meetings rooms is named for Dr. Crews after he gave a significant financial gift for its construction.

Successful Intersection of Academics and Atheltics at SC | Spurs Up
Brittany Lane has some interesting (and positive) things to say about USC, athletics, academics, and how they co-mingle.

On Saunders Speaking | Spur of the Moment
You've probably seen this already, but hey, when The Daily Feed only happens once every three weeks, we're going to comment on some out-dated news. At least Saunders is saying the right things now. That's a big improvement for the young man. Oh, and recent news is that he has now broken his foot. I hope he can salvage this past year and at least make in onto a roster over the summer.


Basketball – Where We Need Improvement (A Short List) | The Rubber Chickens
Buck from TRC took one for the team and actually watched one of our men's basketball games in its entirety. He's got some constructive criticism, straight and to the point. I suggest you check it out.