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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 3/6-3/12


1. Florida Gators 95 (7 first-place votes)

2. Kentucky Wildcats 86 (1 first-place vote)

3. Alabama Crimson Tide 77

4. Vanderbilt Commodores 76

5. Georgia Bulldogs 65

6. Tennessee Volunteers 55

7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 46

8. Mississippi Rebels 39

9. Arkansas Razorbacks 34

10. South Carolina Gamecocks 23

11. Auburn Tigers 18

12. LSU Tigers 8

Voters' thoughts after the jump.


Regardless what tournament Bama plays in, it's been a successful season for the Tide.--Alabama Basketball Blog


The Razorbacks are my surprise pick to win a post season tournament you have never heard of.--A Bulldog in Exile


Apparently not as overwhelmingly crappy at basketball as LSU. Who knew? How'd they do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing.--Dawg Sports


Gators are by far the SEC's best chance to make it to the Final 4.  Sorry UK fans I just don't trust Calipari.--The ACC & SEC Blog


The Dawgs should dance, but a loss to Auburn in the opening game of the SEC tournament will make the Dawg Nation very anxious next Sunday.--A Bulldog in Exile


Hold on to first based on the strength of their resume. Earned the bye with solid wins over Vandy and Tennessee.--Anchor of Gold


Welcome to the cellar.  The whole truly is lesser than the sum of its parts for Trent Johnson's team.--A Bulldog in Exile

Mississippi St.

The ninth best statistical team in the SEC is the West's two seed (and bye recipient). Enough said about restructuring the way the tournament is seeded.--Anchor of Gold

Ole Miss

Oh, the humanity! Losing to Auburn in the last week isn't what Andy Kennedy needed.  I predict his wife files suit against Tony Barbee next.--A Bulldog in Exile

South Carolina

Frustration flows...--Leftover Hot Dog


Need a strong SEC Tourney showing to quiet the doubts.--Leftover Hot Dog


Not the way you want to end the regular season. Really looking for the team to get it together with a somewhat easy path to the SECT Semis.--Anchor of Gold