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The Daily(?) Feed // 03.09.11


Bradley Jr. continues to stew as game three appraoches | Spur of the Moment
I'm still not buying the heated bat incident as affecting the outcome of Sunday's game whatsoever. It's not as if Carolina was lighting up Clemson pitching prior to Leggett's bellyaching. And the Gamecocks were in posiiton to win it until Price's disastrous outing. I doubt Price was thinking about Leggett's foolishness when he was getting shelled by the Clemson hitters.

Gamecocks Baseball Field Report: Tiger Blood Edition | Leftover Hot Dog
General Malaise echoes my concerns:

According to most of the experts, Clemson is supposed to be a good team. How good they may really be will become evident in the next couple of months, but beating them is important for the program, and something we should be proud of. That being said, there are some concerns in the bullpen. On Sunday a two run lead was blown and on Tuesday a 4 run lead was nearly blown. That will be an area that must remain strong for USC to make a run deep into the post season.

Gamecocks Win 5-4 Thriller over Clemson in Greenville | Gamecocks Online
The official wrap-up.

South Carolina vs. Clemson Highlights | YouTube
If you're like me and weren't able to be at any of the rivalry games in person, here's your chance to get a feel for the atmosphere.


Andy Demetra (GamecockRadio) | Twitter
I don't have a twitter account, but if I did you could bet your bottom dollar I'd be following Andy Demetra. Apparently he and Tommy Moody were road-tripping up to Greenville for the conclusion of the Clemson series yesterday. An excerpt:

"Tommy Moody will NOT enjoy the mix CD I made for the ride to Greenville. I think he thinks Lupe Fiasco was a utility IF for the 1973 Angels."


"Tommy also thinks Kanye West was the name of the high school that Garris Gonce attended. This could be a long drive."

and then there's...

"Update: Tommy shocked to discover Kid Cudi is a rapper, not the winner of the 1983 Preakness."

Too funny. They're like a contemporary odd couple. Keep 'em coming Mr. Demetra.

Super Scoreboard | Gamecocks Online
I've been waiting for something like this to appear for a while. It's about time.


Gamecock Track Earns Three Entries for NCAA Indoor Championships | Gamecocks Online

Selections for the 2011 NCAA Indoor Championships were released Monday night by the Division I Men's and Women's Track and Field Committee with the South Carolina track and field programs earning three entries. The event takes place Friday-Saturday, March 11-12, in College Station, Texas, at the Gilliam Indoor Track Facility.



Muldrow Named SEC Defensive Player Of The Year, Ellington Named To All-Freshman Team | Gamecocks Online
Congratulations are in order for Sam Muldrow and Bruce Ellington. The fact that Muldrow was defensive player of the year but somehow missed the first and second teams is a little mystifying to me. Perhaps Gamecock Man or someone else who knows about basketball can explain that one. I suspect the fact that Bruce Ellington made the All-Freshman team has some of you stupefied as well. Again, since what I know about basketball could literally fit inside a basketball, I will refrain from comment.

USC hoops has become a distant third in the school's sports chain | Anderson Independent Mail
Yeah, but the thing of it is, USC fans would flock to the basketball program if they ever showed a glimmer of hope. There was a lot of excitement around the program in Darrin Horn's first year. Except they failed to make the NCAA tournament and consequently squandered all that goodwill.