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The Daily Feed // 04.11.11


Garnet Tops Black, 21-17, in Annual Spring Game | Gamecocks Online
DeAngelo Smith had quite a day for himself, as did Jimmy Legree. You can see interviews from them both here. I'm sure Gamecock Man will be along a little later in the week with some Garnet and Black game thoughts and coverage.

South Carolina Football Spring Game 2011: How the Garcia-Less Gamecocks Looked | Bleacher Report
For those of us that couldn't make it, here's the next best thing.

Spring game recap |
Hey, even is throwing the little guy a 'lil somethin' sumthin' for free.

Saturday Down South Top 20 Players Of 2011 – Pre Season Edition – No. 1 | Saturday Down South
Alshon Jeffery comes in at #1. The Gamecocks took the top two spots. The times, they are a'changing.

Gamecocks' Jeep shifting gears this spring | The Post and Courier
More changes afoot for Gamecocks football.

South Carolina assistant Jeep Hunter is a good example. After two seasons as the Gamecocks' tight ends coach, Hunter was reassigned in January to work on the other side of the ball. It's been seven years since Hunter, who will work with USC's safeties, has coached a defensive position.

2010 USC champions could get license plate | The Post and Courier
Finally, a silly season story that involves good news about South Carolina athletics.

Byron Jerideau is slimmed down and aiming to start for South Carolina | The Daily Gamecock
You know, there are other Gamecock football related stories going on right now.

Exiting the spring: South Carolina | ESPN
Just a quick recap for you.

Saunders seeks NFL shot |
Wesley hoping to catch on in Charlotte.

Mercifully, I have put Garcia-related links below the jump in case you're not interested. You're welcome.


Kratch: Count on Stephen Garcia returning, starting season opener | The Daily Gamecock
Kratch, like always, has what I would consider the best articulated version among the media of Gamecockrock's viewpoint. But what happens if Garcia plays and we still don't win a championship? People seem to think that with Garcia under center we're such a lock for the SECCG. I don't see that being the case, but perhaps I'm still adjusting from the typical Gamecock fan's underdog mentality. Kratch's main thrust is that Garcia is the best chance we have win a Championship. To me, this argument is a cop out. It's the "It is what it is" of Stephen Garcia articles. By refusing to take a stance on the Garcia issue, it says a lot without really saying anything at all.

This is a big day for Gamecock fans. It's not every day one of our own is canonized.

As far as viewpoints advocating the reinstatement of Stephen Garcia go, I'll take a flyer on this one. The one thing that Garcia has going for him is that none of his offenses have been that bad. The car keying incident is probably worst, and that's because it's the only one that actually affected someone else. After all was said and done, this latest indecent was more of the same. The general consensus of the hullabaloo was that it involved nothing like the hammered, reckless Garcia we were initially lead to believe.

In fact, as is usually the case, Gamecock Man was right in that we should have waited until all the facts came out before passing judgment. From what I've gleaned from local sports radio, twitter, and some friends with first hand knowledge of the seminar Garcia attended, it seems clear to me that Garcia's behavior couldn't have been all that bad. And in fact, some of the blame should be laid at the feet of these supposed Life Skills teachers, who were apparently more interested in acting as agent provocateurs. And then of course, there is our athletic director, Eric Hyman - a man who we have known in the past to be thoughtful and deliberate in his actions. It seems that Hyman probably jumped the gun in regard to this particular situation. For the life of me I can't understand from the facts, such as they are now, why this incident couldn't have been handled internally. Instead, Hyman chose to drag Stephen Garcia's - and by extension South Carolina's - name through the mud. Well, I already knew not to trust Garcia's judgment, but now I know not to trust Hyman's either.

And by the way, I still give no credence to the argument that South Carolina should look the other way because 2011 is our best chance to win an SEC Championship. That's hogwash. Garcia should be absolved of his sins because of their diminutive nature. But if you think Carolina should have turned a blind eye to a more serious offense, like actually showing up to this thing blind-stinking drunk, well, then I don't what to tell you. Moral considerations aside, that kind of attitude undermines everything that Coach Spurrier has built at USC. To say we'll never have a better chance to win an SEC championship belies a lack of faith in our school, our coaches, and our players.

So You Really Want to Know Our Thoughts on Stephen Garcia… | The Rubber Chickens
TRC echoes EDSBS's sentiments and asks that you please not disturb their slumber.

Gamecock Football: Time Will Tell with Stephen Garcia | Leftover Hot Dog
Flounder of LOHD has the most complete description of what went down and thows in his two cents as well.

Audible makes the USC football team better off | The Post and Courier
At least somebody's got a "glass half full" outlook on life.

Spurrier's gain will likely go through more Garcia pain |
This quote says it all.

"It's fair to say I haven't had a player test me as much as Stephen has," Spurrier said.




Spring Valley’s Guerrieri is a fast riser |
In the world of college baseball, a good recruit becoming a great recruit is not always good for the school doing the recruiting.



Softball takes down Tar Heels, extends winning streak to two | The Daily Gamecock
I have no idea if UNC is any good, but they're at least a BCS school. So this is pretty good news from where I stand. On the other hand, just look at the title. Softball team extends winning streak to two? C'mon. I don't think winning one game counts as a "streak."

Longwood Sweeps South Carolina 3-1, 8-7 | Longwood Athletics
Aaaand we're back to being swept by nobodys.



Orlando Early departs USC for N.C. State | The Daily Gamecock
Oh, yeah. In case you missed it, the men's basketball team had another defection last week. This time Orlando Early decided he'd rather work for a coach that has been out of college basketball for two years - and at an equally pitiful ACC team to boot!