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THE DAILY FEED 4.13.11 // Gamecocks Baseball Loses to The Citadel and More News

Gamecocks Sports

Gamecocks Fall 2-0 To The Citadel - SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS

Where's the offense, fellas?

Gamecocks Recruiting Nuggets // 04.13.11 | Recruiting // Leftover Hot Dog

Some info here on the PG Darrin Horn is setting his sights on.

10 most improved college football programs - NCAA Football - Sporting News

Guess who's number one?

Americans Want a Quarterback They Can Drink A Beer With | The Rubber Chickens

Off-season Strategery Reading List

RUNCODHIT FOOTBALL: Stopping the Power Running Offense with the 4-2-5 Part I: Principals

Some interesting info on our defensive scheme.

Did Cam Newton play in a "one read" passing offense at Auburn? | Smart Football

Linebacker Fundamentals: Tackling - Shakin The Southland

Other News

Can LSU fans survive another year of Jordan Jefferson, starting quarterback? Do they have a choice? - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

NCAA reminds undergrads about draft parties - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

BCS Faces Challenge From 21 Economists and Lawyers - Team Speed Kills

My baby just wrote me a letter. | Get The Picture

GTP weighs in on the BCS antitrust claims.