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South Carolina Gamecocks in the NFL Draft: Jarriel King

This post continues a series on Carolina prospects in the NFL Draft. Today we're talking about Jarriel King.

Jarriel King, OT

Measurements: 6'5 / 317

Career Summary: Although recruited to play DT, King quickly moved to the offensive line, and he earned immediate playing time at the left tackle position in 2008, starting 11 games. He started several more games in 2009, some at left tackle and others at left guard. The same held true in 2010.

What the Scouts Like: With his big body, muscular frame, and long arms, King has the ideal body type to succeed at the always important left tackle spot at the next level. He has plenty of upside after changing positions after junior college and thus should be able to improve over his first few years in the league.

What the Scouts Don't Like: King still struggles to use proper fundamentals, particularly in run blocking, where he often fails to get low enough to disrupt defensive linemen and fails to push down the field at a proper speed. In pass blocking, oftentimes seems a little off in his timing at the point of attack and lets ends beat him off the snap. These and other problems with fundamentals will make him easy prey to elite NFL pass rushers. He also has a fairly long list of off-field miscues and legal problems.

Are the Mocks Right?: King is projected to go in the fifth round or later. I would say he'll be lucky to be drafted. Somebody may take a chance on him due to his upside, but his lack of college production means he'll be viewed as a project, not someone to spend a valuable pick on.