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SEC-Centric Days Two and Three NFL Draft Notes

A few quick reactions to the second and third days of the draft. I'll have a post up tomorrow about our players' fortunes, which weren't pretty, to say the least. Keep in mind that there will be no undrafted free agency at this time due to the lockout.

  • How many coaches are going to hate themselves for letting Bill Bellichick get his hands on Ryan Mallett? A few years down the road this is going to be regarded as yet another stroke of genius / luck by Bellichick.
  • Clemson had six players taken in the draft, including three in the second round. One has to wonder why Dabo didn't win more games with this roster last season; the NFL obviously regards Clemson's defensive talent as among the best in the nation.
  • Here's the breakdown how many players were drafted from each SEC school: Alabama, 5 (including a stunning four in the first round); Arkansas, 3; Auburn, 4 (has to be surprising, considering that this was a senior-laden national-title winner); Florida, 4; Georgia, 6; Kentucky, 1; LSU, 6; Ole Miss, 1; Miss. St., 4; South Carolina, 2; Tennessee, 2; Vandy, 0. Yes, you read that correctly: 6-7 Georgia tied for most placed in the draft. If you think this will be used as fuel criticism of Mark Richt, you're right. UGA fans have to be wondering how the Dawgs failed to win more games with a roster like this.

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