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THE DAILY FEED 5.10.2011 // Carolina Baseball Defeats PC and Other News Gamecocks defeat PC 6-1

Wes Mitchell breaks down Carolina's victory over PC. The victory brings Carolina to 38-10 on the year and hopefully has us back on the right track to win this weekend's important SEC series.

Chat: Chat with Andrea Adelson - SportsNation - ESPN

Read through the chat and you'll see that Adelson picks Carolina to win the East and for Mark Richt to lose his job at year's end. Not sure this is the kind of expert support I'm in the market for, though.

Ealey: Georgia wasn't right for me - SEC Blog - ESPN

Washaun Ealey has decided to transfer from Georgia. Enter Isaiah Crowell.

Georgia may have a new boss in the backfield, but Isaiah Crowell’s not the quick fix it needs - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Matt Hinton looks at Ealey's departure. He points out that while the Ealey / Caleb King duo has been less than dominant over the last two years, it hasn't really been significantly worse than any other Georgia running game during Richt's tenure. Hinton concludes that--surprise--the real difference-maker in UGA's steep decline over the past two years has been the disappearance of its once-killer defense. No pressure, Tony Grantham.

Yahoo Sports: Ranking - Rivals100 2012

The Rivals 100 is up. Recruiting fans, start your engines.