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THE DAILY FEED 5.18.11 // Mike Slive Intends to Tackle Oversigning in Destin and Other News

BULLDOGS BLOG: Slive: SEC has prepared over-signing legislation, schools will vote in Destin

Seth Emerson reports that Mike Slive appears to be serious about tackling oversigning. Here's the money quote from Slive:

"In other words, it’s more than just the question of over-signing or grayshirting," Slive said. "It’s a question of over-signing, grayshirting, early admissions, summer school admission. We’ve put together what we call a bit of a package to address these issues, that will give our people a chance to think about these issues in a more global fashion. So then it will be an important discussion item in Destin."

Slive doesn't give many specifics as to what this package may involve, but my impression is that he's serious about fairly large-scale changes, although his words definitely suggest that this is probably going to be more the beginning of a conversation about possible rules changes than a serious attempt to change rules now. At any rate, this is a story to keep your eyes on. As I've said before, I would support changes on this issue. Recent news of Bobby Petrino's abuses of the system doesn't make it any harder.

It should be noted, by the way, that Emerson's representation of a serious divide between Mark Richt and Steve Spurrier is clearly mistaken. Richt has qualified his criticism of oversigning by saying that Georgia would be willing to practice it in some situations, whereas Spurrier has qualified his support at times and has oversigned to a much smaller degree than some of the Western Division schools. A more apt dichotomy might be drawn between Houston Nutt's rampant use of oversigning and the Florida administration's hardline stand against it. Nothing like playing to the home crowd a bit, huh Emerson?

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