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Most Memorable Gamecocks Football Plays from 2010: Number Four, Ace Sanders Breaks Loose against Southern Miss

This post continues a series begun last week on memorable plays from last year's football season. Today's pick proves that you neither have to be one of the team's stars and nor does your play have to be particularly consequential to make your way onto this list. Behold, Ace Sanders's big run against Southern Miss (which occurs around the 35 second mark):

Southern Miss vs. South Carolina Sept. 3 2010 Highlights (via uofmhurricanes0)

Some of you may be surprised that I see this play as being so memorable. What made it made it important to me is what it signified to me about our head coach. Over the last few years, I've heard a lot of people say that they think Steve Spurrier has lost his mojo because of his unwillingness to open his offense up. My opinion was always that Spurrier lacked sufficient confidence in his offensive roster to call games more aggressively. When Spurrier called that reverse against USM, I got the feeling that he no longer felt shackled by the talent at his disposal. In the past that kind of play would have only been called in desperate straits or not at all. Here, it was called at the perfect moment, while the opponent was on its heels. And, most importantly, it worked. If Spurrier was now willing to bet on his players to make big plays with gutsy play calls, he was betting wisely.

In sum, this play told me, prophetically, it turned out, that 2010 would be different for Carolina.